How to Choose Between Mac OS and Windows OS?

How to Choose Between Mac OS and Windows OS?

Windows computers vs Mac devices has been an unending battle. Over the past several years, anyone who wishes to buy a new device has faced this dilemma and tried to find a black-and-white answer to it. This article summarises the key points to consider when you’re trying to choose between Mac and Windows.

Points to consider when choosing between Mac and Windows

  • Customization and performance

Windows desktops are generally known for having better performance than Apple iMacs. Windows desktops provide various customizations. From being able to choose the Intel processor to choosing the screen length, there are no restrictions. This allows you to completely customize the performance of your PC based on your needs. Unfortunately, this service is not available in iMacs, where you have to buy the device with provided specifications.

  • Device integration

The device ecosystem is a critical requirement for all people. Windows laptops and PCs can easily be integrated with all external devices, regardless of the model. You can connect a mouse, an external screen, USB, touch pen, etc. This feature is not provided in all iMacs. Depending upon the device you choose, you may need to buy external connectors for using any external devices.

  • Upgrading

Windows is without a doubt the more upgradable of the two options. Windows is a well-tested technology, and upgrading a windows computer can be done at home with the right DIY video. While building and upgrading the PC is not for everyone, you at least have the option to get it done. The same cannot be said for iMacs because Apple does not provide upgrades. For most iMacs, the only option to upgrade is to buy a new device completely.

  • Third-party apps

Both Windows and Apple have had the chance to test out their systems and compatibility with third-party applications. Today, we can confidently say that Apple iMacs and Windows computers support nearly all third-party apps. However, there may be a few special cases where they don’t. In general, among the in-built apps provided by both, iMac apps are geared towards business apps, while Windows apps are geared towards creative apps.

  • Price

The last and most important point to consider is the price. Your budget is an important deciding factor when choosing the device. However, a budget should not be the final deciding factor. Instead, we recommend looking at laptops as a long-term investment.

Depending upon what you need the laptop for, consider whether the device has value-for-money or not. The price of laptops can help you narrow down your options while the four other factors can guide you.

These are the five points to consider when you’re trying to choose between an Apple iMac and a Windows computer. However, the final decision should be based on what you wish to use the device for. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are a designer, an iMac may suit you better than a Windows. Therefore, the key to finding the right device is to evaluate the aforementioned criteria while keeping your needs in mind.

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