10 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones

There’s no denying the fact that new mobile phones take away a major chunk of our money. That has led to the demand for refurbished phones as a safe, cost-effective option for buyers. Essentially, a refurbished phone is a used phone that gets restored in terms of its appearance and performance to function like a new phone.

Here are ten benefits of buying refurbished phones:

1. They are affordable

You can buy refurbished iPhones at astoundingly discounted prices. The fact that you can afford advanced technology at low prices is one of the most significant benefits of choosing refurbished phones.

2. Condition is up to the mark

It’s important to remember that buying a refurbished phone is not the same as buying a second-hand phone. Refurbished phones undergo thorough tests to ensure optimum performance. These tested devices are then graded by suppliers based on their appearance so that there is no compromise on the performance and appearance of the phone.

3. They are quality-assured

Vigorous quality checks assure that a refurbished phone delivers good performance. A device is sent for resale only after passing multiple quality checks. Failure in quality checks leads to the rejection and responsible disposal of the phone. Credible and certified dealers never sell damaged phones.

4. They come with a warranty

Most certified dealers of refurbished mobile phones provide a one-year warranty on the devices. Therefore, in the event of any problems, you can get your phone repaired or replaced within that particular period. We recommend that you visit the dealer’s website for more information on the warranty policy.

5. They don’t harm the environment

If every used phone ended up in the landfill, it would be hostile for the environment. E-waste is hazardous for air and water, making it a potential threat for all living beings. According to a new study, almost 5 million smartphones have been discarded in Ireland. Carelessly dumping a phone because of a minor dent can adversely impact the environment. Buying refurbished phones, therefore, is an eco-friendly option.

6. You get all the perks

Buying a refurbished phone lets you enjoy all the perks that you would expect from buying a brand new phone. Many dealers provide device insurance with their refurbished phones that are purchased directly from them.

7. They are a real bargain

Buying refurbished phones is a bargain considering the depreciation in the value of a new phone after some time. Researches have shown that most expensive smartphone models lose a significant percentage of their value after the first few weeks of their launch.

8. Money-back guarantee

Some dealers of refurbished phones offer a money-back guarantee so that in the event of your dissatisfaction with the product, you can return it to obtain a full refund.

9. Big brands offer official refurbishers

Quality smartphone manufacturing companies like Apple and Samsung provide official refurbishers. Thus, you are assured of optimum performance while buying refurbished Samsung phones or refurbished iPhones.

10. No contracts

In many cases, when you cannot afford to pay for a new phone by cash, you are made to sign a lengthy contract that entails a monthly payment. Moreover, severe penalties are applied if you break the contract. Buying a refurbished phone saves you from this unnecessary hassle.

However, the performance of a refurbished phone depends on many factors. You should always buy refurbished devices from authorized dealers. We also recommend that you check the phone before purchasing it to be assured of its quality. Buying refurbished phones is a wise decision, considering the points mentioned above.

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